The Dorchester Project is a perfect combination between fun and practicality! Its 36-storey tower offers several dwellings between one and three rooms (and a half). It creates anideal environment for a young professional or a student since there are at least five higher education institutions within walking distance.

Moreover, you’ll only have to go down a block to reach the legendary Rue Sainte-Catherine where you’ll find multiple culinary and cultural experiences.

Its unique location generates a rich and diverse living space. Dorchester Square (also Dominion Square), which borders the towers, is a historic district first established in 1872. This large, picturesque-looking park is home to several memorials and provides an oasis of tranquility for all residents.

Among other things, closeness to history and a quest for longevity inspired by this neighbourhood, which led the team to wisely choose metallic siding. Since our team of experienced installers always works masterfully, we know this complex will honour its 19th- century neighbours.

We take part in this exciting project at the crossroads of history and modernity thanks to our partnership with Axxys Construction general contractors. Our team will have the pleasure of working on four essential aspects of this build to ensure its residents’ comfort as well as the tours’ sustainability.

In fact, we will install the waterproofing membrane and ventilation shutters, the outside insulation, and, to top it all off, premium aluminum panels that will complement the impressive exterior design.

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