An incredible “all-in-one”

Built out of glass and aluminum transoms, curtain wall systems are a revolutionary “all in one” building envelope solution at the cutting edge of technology.

Its versatile structure allows for opaque sections in strategic areas to provide ideal natural lighting for each room in each building.

In short, curtain walls, like most envelope solutions, refer to a building envelope category that encompasses a range of systems such as pre-glazed curtain walls, windows, patio doors, and sliding doors. More than simply adding an undeniable touch of distinction to any construction, this floating structure, once properly installed and sealed, protects your building against all adverse conditions.

Indeed, between design, manufacturing and installation, the latter being our team's speciality, a multitude of factors are verified such as waterproofing, rigidity and soundproofing to provide just as (if not more) effective protection than a traditional envelope.

Nothing is left to chance!