Located in Cité Mirabel, one of the most vibrant developments north of Montréal, the Skyblü Complex is comprised of three sumptuous towers counting no less than 15 floors each.

The team behind this project hopes to offer more than a simple “place to live” to its customers; their true objective is to position themselves at the epicentre of a complete and dynamic living environment. Thus, you’ll find the neighbourhood’s medical centre close by, Premium Outlets Montréal shopping centre’s 60 boutiques, and a variety of restaurants to satisfy your every craving.

Skyblu condos vue de soir

Never-Ending Hallways of Identical Condos Are a Thing of The Past!

Inside the complex, designers have planned about thirty different condo configurations, always keeping in mind their objective to meet your specific needs!

In addition, several innovative construction techniques have been used to promote both your comfort and your home’s sustainability. For example, the structure, built entirely out of concrete, provides excellent soundproofing and thereby ensures your privacy.

Partnership and Values

The Investment Ray Junior Inc. (real estate developers) and Magma Group general contractors), the two major players with whom we are working on this project, are known for their impeccable track record, their great professionalism, their passion and their desire to deliver top quality constructions that meet their customers’ expectations to the letter.

These are just a few reasons why there are ideal partners for Beaulieu Revetementbecause we proudly share their passion and values!

From a practical standpoint, these values are reflected in the field by the use of products that blends durability and elegance. Hence, after choosing concrete for the structure, the team turned to brick and steel siding to wrap the building in a sturdy and distinguished exterior siding, and then added a touch of fantasy with lighting in the steel wall, to welcome and protect the residents in the perfect atmosphere.

facade vu de bas

Why Steel?

Our team is responsible for the installation of the steel siding, namely, Ideal Roofing’s Urban Accent series with a centre groove (at the 6-inch mark). This smart choice offers a wide range of short- and long-term benefits for us, when installing, as well as for customers!

From the very beginning, parts are cut-to-size in the factory, which reduces working hours on construction sites and allows us to better meet our deadlines… And THAT is a key issue to coordinate the various trades in the field. An interesting note is that the central groove increases the panel’s resistance, thus extending its useful life, since it essentially “strengthens” the final assembly. In addition, customers will be reassured by the generous guarantees on the product itself, as well as on the paint cover that lasts up to 25 years!

Il est intéressant de noter que la rainure centrale du profilé le rend plus résistant prolongeant ainsi sa durée de vie utile, puisqu’elle crée en quelque sorte un « renforcement » à l’assemblage final.

De plus, les clients seront rassurés par les garanties généreuses sur le produit en lui-même ainsi que sur le recouvrement de peinture qui dure jusqu’à 25 ans!

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